Journey so far of a Privileged Artist Manager – Radhika Mistry

New Delhi (India), March 16: “You can count on her” I heard my dad say this to someone. I cannot even explain how emotional and happy I felt at that very moment. I have been waiting for this my entire life. During school days, I was always a weak student when it came to academics. I would always excel in the extra-curricular activities and events in my school. My Indian parents were not so happy about it as my siblings were my exact opposite! It’s always tough when you are not doing things the way your parents have imagined it to be! I always waited for a moment to make them proud and feel applauded!

My school exam result day were no less than a nightmare to my entire family. My parents were let down by my results and from the society we live in, things are even harder! All I could hear around me was “Pata nahi kya hoga…. Papa ke paise bigaadne ke alawa kuch toh kar lena… ya business hi join kar lena” (God knows what would you end up doing ….at least try doing something instead of just wasting your dad’s money or may be join the family business) blah blah blah.  I wouldn’t lie but it did hurt especially and sometimes a lot when brighter siblings add to the agony and since then I decided finally that no matter what I cannot study!!! 🙂 and a big NO to family’s civil business.

That’s not even the most interesting part of my story! I have always had hobbies like biking, driving a car, making things better for people, organizing gatherings, helping at a school event etc. For me my college days were no less than a movie! People always misjudged me for my stature! They always thought I wasn’t capable to do certain things until they interacted with me longer! It was unconventional for people and   they would be amazed/amused by my actions or organisation skills! The natural reaction from all would be “Radhika, did u do this?? “

When I got into a college, most people said “ What’s the point for you to choose higher education? “ My only answer at the time was because it’s important for my parents that I complete my education and so I’m on it. But neither did I know that as I moved forward on this journey, I realised I was exposed to more miraculous work around me! I felt intrigued and excited about taking part in helping organise and manage these college events. Around this time, I actually realised my strength! It was my eureka moment! Event management was something that amused me The hustle and bustle in the event management enthralled me. Interacting with people is something I was always good at and then there was no looking back.

From not a very bright student but rather a rockstar I knew my path to choose. I immediately enrolled myself for an event management course and completed it successfully. I decided to get some practical exposure by joining the internship with a small local event management firm, and ended up not getting paid for relentless efforts for months long. Now interesting mention herein is the reason for getting paid and I quote “Tumhe stipend ki kya jarurat hai” (Why would u need petty stipend for when u r already privileged), but again glass was half filled for me.

Later I worked for event company organising corporate events but I didn’t enjoy doing that much.

But my real journey began with an opportunity to work with an Artist Manager called Mr. Nirav Thakar, he’s been managing Salim-Sulaiman for 20 years now, And this was My life changing moment. Salim Sir & Sulaiman Sir are one of the most celebrated music composer duo of Bollywood.

From working only on logistics in the beginning to working on different roles such as Artist Relations, Executive Producer working on their record labels I’ve evolved a lot.

As interesting as it does sound I realised it’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, it takes lots of hard work and perseverance but then my heart lies in here and so I survive here no matter what.

The journey has been the blessed path for me under the guidance of my sirs. With every additional feather in my cap was an additional responsibility to carry with a smile. I have nothing more but gratitude to all who has been a part of my journey.

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