Alok Anand’s Triumph: From Dreams to Reality, Navigating Floods and Pandemics in the Pursuit of a Sustainable Community

Alok Anand – A trailblazing force behind MOUNTHUGE

New Delhi (India), November 30: In 2015, Alok Anand embarked on his real estate journey in Thrissur, Kerala, nurturing dreams of crafting a well-aligned, sustainable community. In 2016, he founded the company MOUNTHUGE, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial venture.

Fast forward to 2017, fate led Alok to a plot of land on Mundur Kottekad road—an instant connection, a love at first sight. Armed with the trust of his father, Sadhanand, Alok secured funds in 2018, promising them success and initiating MOUNTHUGE’s first project, ONYX.

Navigating the bureaucratic labyrinth of grama panchayats tested Alok’s patience for eight painstaking months. The unwavering support of landowners became the bedrock of his journey. Guided by his father, Sadhanand, a seasoned real estate agent, Alok not only learned sales strategies but absorbed an unwavering belief in the attainability of success.

Collaborating with India’s top architect team, Alok’s dream vision transformed into a modern contemporary design, a revelation showcased for the first time in their city.

Sales commenced, promising a bright future until the devastating 2018 Kerala flood swept through. Miraculously, their site in Prakrithi emerged unscathed, but the aftermath left the market in disarray for months.

Undeterred, in late 2018, Alok embraced digital marketing, immersing himself in Facebook lead generation. The initial investment paid off, rejuvenating his confidence and culminating in the closure of three substantial deals, each exceeding a crore.

Just as the winds of stability began to blow in 2019, the storm called COVID-19 struck, leaving Alok disoriented and grappling with uncertainties. The interest on the funds compounded, landowners waited anxiously, and clients yearned for timely completion.

The year and a half that followed were marked by sleepless nights, constant pivoting, and an unwavering commitment to transforming obstacles into stepping stones. During this time, Alok not only weathered the storm but closed deals for 19 villas, each a testament to his resilience and unyielding determination.

Looking ahead, Alok is planning new projects on a larger scale, tirelessly working towards his dreams. Some landowners have joined forces for the upcoming venture, and the vision is clear – to bring even better projects to life and foster more vibrant communities.

Today, standing atop the completed clubhouse, gazing at the 19 villas that proudly stand where once there was only barren land, the journey unfolds before Alok’s eyes. It’s not just a physical transformation; it’s a narrative of overcoming the floods of doubt and the pandemic of setbacks.

This is more than a real estate success story; it’s a testament to the emotional rollercoaster an entrepreneur rides, a saga of dreams, setbacks, and ultimate triumph. Here’s to Alok Anand, the dreamer, the fighter, and the relentless believer in turning dreams into reality.

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